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zondag 8 mei 2011


Wow how the weekend flies by so fast!
I hope you all had a good one :)
My lovely boyfriend stayed for the weekend since that's the only moment in the week that we see each other.
If all goes well, I move in with him by the end of the summer.

Yesterday my uncle celebrated his birthday, so we went to visit him. It's always very nice and cozy so it got really late. There's no outfit photo of that day.

Today was/is mother's day! I got my momma a nice fragrance set of Maja. It has a bar of soap in a nice soapbox and a bottle of perfume.
The perfume is hard to find, so I was pleased to stumble upon it in the drugstore. Which they have refurbished by the way! I was totally lost, couldn't find a thing. Normally I know my way around there but the new layout doesn't make sense at all. I must say that the make-up counter does look much better now.
I also cut Wesley's (boyfriend) hair today. Last time I cut it, I had exams and he was my model. His hair grows so fast, so it's good that he has his own personal hairdresser to maintain his style. (a pompadour)
I am just going to keep you waiting until tomorrow, when I'll be posting the ' how-to' to the up do with the Hollywood Wave. 
Goodnight everyone!

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  1. Gorgeous hair Romy! You look beautiful and have a wonderful complexion.