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woensdag 11 mei 2011


Today was a total snorefest, I mean literary boring.
Work was boring, I felt bored, the costumers were boring...just everything was boring!
Except for one thing, and that was going to the gym. I always go to the gym with two of my co-workers on Mondays and Wednesdays. I love working out, it makes me feel good about myself. Swimming is also fun, so we decided to do that sometime soon.

Haven't heard anything from Inge yet, so I'll just have to wait. Gosh am I freakin' nervous!

Since my day was not spectacular, I will tell you what I'm looking forward to.
This weekend, the 14th there's Rock 'n Roll Franeker in Frysland. Rock n Roll Franeker
There's cotton candy, dancing, old timer cars, a rockabilly barber (not me :( ), live music, fifties market and a whole lotta fun :) The best part is the hula-hoop dancing contest! I am so going to win that haha!

The 29th it's time for Rock 'n Roll Hoorn!
Great bands, a fifties market and old timers.

11th of June, D-day at the Cruise Inn.
Live music, fifties market, food and usually the whole rockabilly gang is there.

At the 18th of June I am getting a new tattoo! What will it be? I'll surprise you ;)

25th of June: We have a festival here that's called Golden Oldies, mostly 80's music but there's one bar that always hires a rockabilly or a blues band.

12th of July: BRIAN SETZER IN CONCERT!!!!  This needs no explanation.

24th of July: Harley Davidson festival right here in my hometown! Bring on the beer and the bikes!

25th of July, the start of my three week holiday with my love!
We're going to England, Brighton to be precise :) Nice vintage shopping there!
Oh my, just look at these lovely photo's.

It has such a 1930's atmosphere, what's not to love?
On that note, I'll be saying goodnight to you all! Maybe you'll have a nice dream about shopping in Brighton ;)

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