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woensdag 4 mei 2011

Interview with myself

Who am I?
My name is Romy, 23 years old and I live in the Netherlands.
My English will be crap sometimes, but nobody's perfect.

What am I doing with my life?
At the moment I am studying at the B Academy in Amsterdam to become a hairstylist. 
Bills must be paid so I'm also working at the supermarket.
I've finished high school and got my HAVO diploma. After that I studied at the school of arts, but found out that nobody can make a decent living out of it. So I went to Amsterdam to study photography, found out that nowadays 99,8% is photo shopped so it has nothing to do anymore with actual photography. I started to think, what do I like to do and am I going to make a living out of it? Several people told me how they love the way I do my make-up and asked me if I'm a professional. The answer was no, but I got excited about the idea of becoming a make-up artist! I signed up and finished beauty school, so now I've got my make-up license. I was told that if you can offer the whole package: make-up and hair, you would get a job much quicker than someone who masters only one of those skills. That got me thinking again, so that's how I ended up studying at the B Academy. I love hairdressing, and especially old styles like the ladies and gentlemen from the 30's, 40's and 50's. Right now I am training hard to master men's haircuts. It is so much more different than the way you cut woman's hair. But more about that later on.

So, old styles huh...vintage lover?
I love vintage and to me it's a lifestyle that reflects the way I am. The era that appeals the most to me are the 1940's and 1950's. Woman were so stunning and feminine, nothing like those stick figures from nowadays who starve themselves to death to get an assignment from their model agency. My boyfriend and I collect 45 and 78 RPM's and love to stroll around flea markets for rare finds. I collect vintage barber stuff, old magazines, golden era movies, and everything that's pretty for decoration for our future home. 

Why do you love vintage so much, is the modern world not good enough for you?
Well, to be honest, yes and no. Our manners have changed so much, some are better now and others are just forgotten. Good thing: woman are emancipated. Bad thing: woman are treated like objects. Yes, woman where always seen as objects of lust but it wasn't rubbed into your face every single day. I can rant on and on about that but it's a waste of time since things are the way they are at the moment. 
Ooooh and what about modern clothes! Some stuff is actually nice but one thing I will never get is the sweatpants tucked inside uggs boots. How can you actually be willing to caught dead with that!? Are we losing touch with our femininity and the urge to look desirable? Okay, you get it now, I dislike most behavior and the way we dress nowadays. But there are also good things about modern living, like internet! Where would a vintage lover be without the possibility to order vintage stuff from ebay that has sellers from all around the globe? I love that invention!  So I think you can say that every era has it's pro's and con's but people and the way we treat each other has changed a lot.

Fair enough, let's lighten up a little shall we? What are your hobbies?
Music! Making music, listening to music, visiting concerts, everything that has to do with music!
I play guitar, double bass, violin, the recorder (alt and soprano) , harmonica, drums and I love to sing.
So I am not great at playing all of them, some better than others but good enough to say that I can actually play them. I also love reading, watching movies, dancing, going out, exercising and drawing. 

You mentioned that you have a boyfriend, do you still have time for him with all those hobbies?
Hehe, yes, it's a good thing we share the same interests. 

Ah okay, can we see him?
Sure, look at this handsome guy! Hubba hubba hubbaaaaaaa!!! 

Well that's about it for now, next post will be less talking, more pictures.
Goodnight and sweet dreams!

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  1. Followed you from The Fedore Lounge. Not lame at all! :)

  2. Thank you Isis!
    This blogging thing is actually pretty fun to do :) It took me 2 hours to write that post, but now the introduction is out of the way you better prepare yourself for some serious jibber jabber :P
    Oh and pictures off course.