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dinsdag 10 mei 2011

On the road

Driving home from school today was heaven and hell at the same time.
It was heaven because:
I had Brian Setzer blasting out of the stereo
I was singing along loudly with all the songs
The sun was shining
I had the window rolled down and also the rooftop window thingy
It was hell because:
Terrible drivers on the road
It was very busy
Pollen were flying into the car through the open window
I am allergic to pollen

School was fun, I learned to finger wave and it's pretty darn difficult! After trying 4 times, I got the hang of it.
The tricky part is to get it even all over the head. I also made an up-do

Notice the limited edition pin-up coca cola can ;)

After school I went to the education director, Inge. She is the one that takes care of everything that has to do with the education of B Academy but she also hosts lessons at other schools. You know that I work at the supermarket, but I really want to be working at a hair salon. A barber salon to be precise. Here is how our conversation approximately went:
R: Inge I finally know where I wan to work!
I: Oh, really? Tell me what I can do.
R: It's a barbershop in Purmerend, but I don't have any contact info right now
I: Well, go and look it up then send me an e-mail

When I arrived at home I immediately turned on the computer and started looking for information on the salon. Well here's the link, go check it out it's awesome!
Clickety click!
If all goes well I might be applying for a job there! That is, if they want to hire a student and have a place for me on the staff.

Also when I arrived at home, there were two packages waiting for me. Gotta love Ebay!!
I got myself a nice dress, a little purse and vintage work wear which I am going to wear when cutting people's hair, making up-do's or doing make-up.

I love it! I was looking for a work coat for a long time and this just happened to cross my path while I was checking out the purse.

I'll finish this post with some music.


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  1. Very cute dress! That barbershop (from what I could gather as I couldn't understand anything) looks very cool and would suit you fine. Good luck in getting the placement!

    x Laurie