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dinsdag 23 april 2013

Elf Fantasy 20-04-2013

Hi everyone! We had such an amazing time at the EFF! So many beautiful costumes it was mind blowing. I also had quite success with my costume, there were so many pictures taken I felt like a rockstar ^^

Here are a few:

Here you can see the 'photo bombing'

Picture by: Monique van den Broek

Picture by: Alexander Koopmans

There were workshops, battles, market stalls, food, music, writers, lectures and lots more!

A few pictures of the battle of the knights. 

I can't wait 'till next time! Thinking about the next costume already. Any suggestions?

Bye, thanks for reading!

woensdag 17 april 2013

Elf Fantasy preparation

It's almost the 20th! That means Elf Fantasy time!!
I've been working on the make-up and my wig. Finally everything is ready, I am so so so excited :D

For the make-up I got this frosty glow going on. I drew on some veins all over my face to give it a 'see-through' effect. I've also got some big ass blue eyelashes which will be glued on the day itself.

The wig was very cheap so it's kinda hard to work with. You can't really brush the hair because it will fall out. I made two four strand braids on each side and joined them together by making two bows. Easy but elegant :)

Just 3 more nights!


The excitement I felt when it came to our little country....and now there is nothing but sadness. I went to the Sephora store because there is a big clearance going on. I left with nothing. Yeah, you read that correct. Nothing. I am so bummed that I stood there wondering what the hell to buy. Most of the shelves were already empty. The reason they are leaving is that Sephora wants to concentrate on a different market like Asia. So after the 1st of June there is no more Sephora here. If you want to order something it can be done via www.sephora.fr

the end.

maandag 8 april 2013

Empty products - March

It's April now! Geeeez time just flies by! Here are a few empty products that I used up:

1. Schwarzkopf gliss hair repair shampoo.
Content: 300ml
Price: €1,89
Where to buy: Action, that is where I got it this cheap.
My experience: To be honest....it smells awful! It has a chemical smell which is kinda nauseating. 
I used it together with the conditioner but did not notice any difference with other shampoos.

2. Dove original deoderant
Content: 150 ml
Price: € 2,90 but I buy them in bulk when they're on sale.
Where to buy: drugstore, supermarket
My experience: This is my got to deodorant. Other ones don't work for me. 

3. Nivea powerfruit relax showergel
Content: 250 ml
Price: € 2,42 I got a deal 3 for €6
Where to buy: drugstore
My experience: A nice fruity shower gel. Nothing special, smells very nice.

4. Kruidvat colour care hair mask
Content: 250 ml
Price: € 1,49
Where to buy: Kruidvat
My experience: Smells nice and leaves my hair feeling soft. I believe it doesn't protect colour but it does a nice job at making your hair soft and shiny. Unfortunately it has the entire paraben family in the ingredients. I am going to look for a more organic hair mask.

dinsdag 2 april 2013

My style icons part 2.

I wrote about my style icons before, but I have more!
You can read part 1 here: part 1

Dita von Teese.

Can I just be this woman? please? She is perfect in my opinion. Not only is she a successful model and burlesque performer, she also has her own perfume, make-up, clothing line, underwear line and books. Oh and she's also an actress and she can sing. That's it? No, she's also the spokesmodel for cointreau.
Can you believe she is 40? I can only hope to look like that when I am her age. That is why I follow her advice to apply sunscreen everyday and stay out of the sun. Of course you need a bit of sunlight for your vitamin D, but you never ever want to get sunburnt. It makes you look old and wrinkly in no time.

Elizabeth Taylor.

Classy and always in style. In a way she and Dita looked a like. Even throughout her last years with her being so ill she still looked like a lady. She had quite a turbulent life, and played in a lot of movies. She got married eight times! In 1985 she confounded the American foundation for AIDS research, and in 1993 she founded the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS foundation. In 1992 she was rewarded the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Reward for her AIDS humanitarian work. 

until next time!