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maandag 9 mei 2011

Just another monday

Hooray, I have survived the first day of the week!
Work was boring as usual, costumers complaining about everything, the weather was warm and damp.
Tomorrow I have to go to school and according to my planner we are going to water wave with the comb!
I am so excited, I love doing those old school barber styles. To show you how excited I am, I even bought an old textbook (well re-print) on water waving.

All is going well, I just have to come up with a good name for my business.
I thought of: Romy's retro barbershop and beauty salon or a catchy name like Slick and Glam.
Oh dreams, haha! No I am not kidding, this is what I want to do so there's nothing that can stop me.
That being said, here's our up-do with the Hollywood Wave!

What do we need?
- Bobby pins and hairpins
- Curling iron
- Hairspray
- Mason Pearson or any other kind of bristle brush
- Two hair elastics
- Heat protecting hair lotion/spray
- Practice! 

First you start by sectioning the front part and clip it away to the front.
Then you make a supertight ponytail. You do this by first grabbing the lower part of your hair and put an elastic around it. Grab the rest of your hair and gather it with the rest, make sure you brush everything smooth so there are no bumbs and lumpy bits. If you have a ponytail which you are satisfied with, grab a small section of hair and wrap it around the hair elastics, so they are covered. Secure it with a hairpin.
Next up: make the Hollywood Waves! While you let them cool off, go to the front section which you had clipped away. I made XXL pin-curls and started at the bottom, then worked my way up. Now the difference with normal pin-curls is that these aren't entirely flat against the head. Make sure the shape of the curl matches the shape of your head, it must look soft and feminine. Also, if you look from behind and the sides it looks like you have some sort of pompadour going on.
Now...if you don't know how to make a pin-curl, it's easy but you need to practice!
Take a section of hair and roll it around your fingers. Yes I said fingers, because we're making XXL pin-curls.
When you reach your scalp try to grab the curl with your other hand and roll further upwards with both hands, secure with a bobby pin, or maybe two when you have a lot of hair.
If you're satisfied with the result, your curls are cooled off and you can brush them out so you get a nice wavy ponytail. Spray with hairspray, decorate with a scarf or a flower and you have a nice up-do!
I hope you enjoyed this how-to and be creative! I chose to do pin-curls but there are so many other things you can do with that front section. 
And remember: practice makes perfect!

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