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donderdag 29 november 2012

Work in progress.

So here is another update about the house :)
I will guide you through it with pictures.
removed the lathed wall around the fireplace

bye bye wallpaper!

I decorated some shelves with self adhesive sticker paper

The master bedroom, Wesley removed all the wallpaper. It looks like a dirty pile on the floor.

Master bedroom

Meanwhile, I am re-painting the doors

Living room, almost stripped down

Removed the lathed walls in the kitchen :)

looks a lot better in my opinion

Fresh wallpaper and curtains! These beds are just there until we finished the entire room so we can get my bed from my parents' house.

Build in closet and the other door leads to the bathroom 

I will make more pictures as we proceed to make this house our happy home :)
Thank you for reading/looking!


After rain comes sunshine, so they say. Even though I am still sad in my heart I have some good news to share.
Wesley and I got the keys to our new house! So we started by removing the wallpaper in the living room. Now here's a nice piece of history for you... Back in the days when they decided to re-do their living room they just slapped the new wallpaper right on top of the old one. That leaves us now with 7 layers of wallpaper to remove!! It is a pain in the you know what to get that all off! I will keep you updated about the progress with pictures. Here are some of day 1:

As you can tell, lots of wallpaper!

more wallpaper

this side still has to be done

Wesley and the wallpaper

vintage design

work it

Wesley's brother also came to help us

The kitchen, we removed two cabinets who were placed in a dangerous spot. As in bump your head all the time.

The kitchen, very old!

woensdag 7 november 2012

I am sad :(

Hello everyone, I haven't updated in a while.
I am sad, very sad. My grandpa passed away last week.
He had a stroke on the 27th of October and could not be saved anymore. My heart is hurting with the knowledge I will never see him again. He passed away in the hospital on the 30th of October about 21:15. We had a beautiful service for him before he was taken away to be cremated. I miss him so much already :(
Dear grandpa, I will always love you and you will stay forever with me in my heart.

donderdag 25 oktober 2012

Recent purchases

As promised here is the update about my recent purchases.

Comic related:

How awesome is this? Wonder Woman barbie!! They sell for a ridiculous amount of money on eBay  I got this one from a Dutch site called Marktplaats, which is translated as marketplace. I got a good deal on it, because the box is damaged. I paid €12,50 for it.

Seperate issues and two collected volumes. The two books I got a comic book store in Haarlem called Silvester strips. They mostly sell Dutch comics but they have an American section as well back in the store. The Trinity comics I got from eBay, and the mixed lot in the third picture I got from a book market in Purmerend.

Batman dress/top! I am actually too tall to wear it as a dress, but I wore it the other day with a pair of leggings and it was fine. It is the lazy oaf knock off, but a fraction of the price of a real one. Yet again, from eBay.


Last week I went to see my parents, and they had planned a nice day trip to Germany! We went to Kleve to do some shopping and browsing. I had my mind set on two things: the Art Deco Dita von Teese collection and her perfume. The perfume is not yet released here in Holland, and I was dying to find out how it smells. Douglas was all sold out, but they did have the Art Deco collection. I picked up two things, a powder compact and a lipstick.

I am very content about the formula of this brand. The lipstick is long lasting, and the powder gives a nice matte finish to the skin. I first applied lip pencil as a base before I filled in my lips with the lipstick. It helps to make your lipstick stay put and makes sure it doesn't smudge outside your lip line. Then I went to another perfume store and they still had two bottles of Dita perfume left!
It isn't like any other celebrity perfume, it smells like a high end brand. Not your average girlie flower scent. I love it, it is really for grown ups. Plus the bottle looks very elegant as well.

That's it for now, it is almost diner time so I have to get pots and pans out!
Have a nice evening!


Something went wrong with my pictures :(
I am working on it as we speak.

dinsdag 23 oktober 2012

What is going on?

Hello everyone, I am sorry I haven't updated my blog for ages.
A lot of things have happened, and unfortunately not all of those things are good.
I don't want to focus on all the bad stuff but one thing that is still bothering me is my knee. I've had the operation in March, had to go to the physiotherapist and all of the sudden I was sent home with the message that they couldn't help me anymore. I had to 'recover' on my own strength. I was relieved but also a bit suspicious about it. After a while my knee started to hurt really bad, like every day. It was the same sort of pain I had when I just had the operation. I made a call to the hospital to get a check-up. The surgeon told me that I am very unstable   and I have to go and see a new physiotherapist. He also told me that things don't improve I have to get a second operation. So here I am still hanging in there with no improvement since March. Now I have to go to the new therapist 2 times per week and the treatment is quite intense. But it is all for a good cause!

A nice thing that has happened is that my grandma and grandpa had their 60th wedding anniversary! We had a nice day planned for them, with cake and dinner at a fancy restaurant. Even the mayor came to pay a visit, she gave them flowers and a pen drawing of a scene from their town. I am still waiting for pictures, but I have one for you right now.

My outfit of that day:
Top and skirt are from Pinup Couture and I bought those via topvintage
Excuse the clutter in the picture.

Other nice things that have happened are actually shopping related, haha! I haven't told you this yet but I am a comic collector. Especially Wonder Woman and Batman related stuff. I think that I am going to do a separate post about my recent purchases, as some sort of 'collective haul'. 

That's it for the update for now. I will be posting more often since I do want to review stuff and passing on my findings to others.

Night night everyone!

woensdag 9 mei 2012

Remembrance of the dead and liberation day 4th and 5th of May.

It has been quite a while since I posted a new entry. You obviously know why that is. My knee is getting a little bit better now, but I still have issues getting through the day without pain. Enough with the knee story, now it's time for some pictures!

First of all let me tell you about the 4th of May. It is a national day of remembering the casualties of WWII. At 20:00 we keep 2 minutes of silence, and that also means that if you are driving you pull over to the side of the road. We literary drop everything that we are doing. This event always makes me cry, because I have seen plenty of documentaries to know what happened during 1938 till 1945. My grandparents told me several stories of people being shot or getting deported to a camp. Something like that should never ever happen again! Sadly enough there are still so many wars going on, it makes you wonder will people ever learn?

On the 5th of May we celebrate our freedom! All over Holland are activities and festivals going on. The entrance to them is always free. Most of the times there are volunteers who make the festivities happen. This year we (Wesley, Diablo and me) went to Liberty Park Beekbergen. (click on the link to see the site)

I finally got to meet Lindsay and miss Lola Lamour! Both of them are true sweethearts <3 We got asked to take our picture many times haha! I felt like a forties movie star. Lola performed at the old people's home, and it was such a treat to see and listen to her. The grandpa's and grandma's all seemed to enjoy it very much. Later on we had to serve food for the volunteers or as we like to call them, the troops! What a wonderful day, and I hope to see both of them again very soon.

All photo's below are made by Robin Peterman (Lindsay's boyfriend and photographer except the one with the 'Canadian')

Photo's below made with camera of Ido Oosterhout

maandag 19 maart 2012

Still stuck on the couch...

Last Monday I got a call from the hospital that I would be operated on Tuesday. So that's all behind me now. The pain was excruciating!!! Absolutely horrible :( They stuffed me with 7 different kind of painkillers which made me very nauseous, thankfully I didn't throw up.
Now I am preparing for physiotherapy which will start this Thursday. So a short update for now, but just wanted to let you guys know I have lived through it.

zondag 11 maart 2012

My style icons

First of all, I want to thank Isis from The Fedora Lounge for this blog post inspiration. Sometimes I can't decide on what to write about, and I think this is a great suggestion.

Coco Chanel.

Now this woman had an interesting life. I am not going in-depth about it now, but anyone who's interested should watch the movie Coco Avant Chanel. I also know there was something shady going on in WWII, but since that's all rumors I give her the benefit of the doubt. (unlike Hugo Boss)

I would literally die for a Chanel suit. I am not really a labelyouknowwhat, but that suit is so elegant and timeless. LOVE it. The original line she designed is still the influence for modern Chanel designs. Therefore I also like a lot of the new designs by Karl Lagerfeld.

Dale Evans

I've got this fascination with 'glamour cowgirls', who were very popular in the 40's and 50's. (Especially in the USA) One of my favorites is Dale Evans Rogers. (married with Roy Rogers) She can ride, sing, shoot and always has a clever answer to anything. But just look at those outfits! Yeeeeeehaw :D

Betty Grable

 Betty Grable's hair is pure art. I've used her pictures many times for inspiration, and still do. She actually wore a lot of hairpieces, since her own hair was very fine.

Anyway that doesn't make a difference to the art that is Betty's hair.

I hope you enjoyed this post!