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donderdag 26 mei 2011

I am still here!

Something weird happened to my blogger account so I wasn't able to post a new entry.
But I am back baby!

It's almost weekend again but I will tell you about last weekend.
First, I had to work and it was kinda busy. After work I went to Kruidvat (drugstore) and bought myself nail polish. When it was 17:30 it was time for my physiotherapy. It hurt. So when I arrived at Wesley's we went to see Mellow Jo and the Hightones at the Maloe Melo in Amsterdam. We had a ball and got home at 4 AM. I love Marjos, she is such a nice person and she sings beautiful! Maybe one day she can give me some tips and tricks with singing.

I went to the barbershop to ask for a job, but sadly they are fully occupied. So now I have to go and look for a new salon that might suit me. I am thinking about Kinki Kappers. They do alternative hairstyles, but you need to follow their Academy. Well at least that's what I've been told.
After being told 'no I am sorry we don't need any new staff' I was depressed and went to the fair again. Yes, it was still there! We had fun, I got a free Yoshi plushie because someone forgot to play their credit in the 'grabbing' machine. I got it in one go! haha!

I cut Luc's hair (Wesley's nephew) and he was very pleased with it. But the most important event of that day was that I won this record on ebay:

It cost me quite a lot of money but it's worth every single euro! I have been looking for this record for about three years and Wesley came across it by accident. I nearly fainted haha! Let me tell you the story about Be my baby bay....
Three years ago I was browsing on youtube to listen to some nice rockabilly tunes.
There was a guy who has a lot of records, and then I stumbled on Don Winters' record. I immediately fell in love with the song, especially the lyrics. I am a sucker for love songs :) I had one thing on my mind: I MUST have that record! I literary searched everywhere. Ebay, Marktplaats, all possibilities on Google, but nothing came out of it. I even mailed the guy who uploaded the song, but he got it of a c.d. I felt desperate, then another guy uploaded the song, and he actually had the record! But he didn't want to sell it, and he got it in 1993. Gosh, we even mailed Don Winters his son! But he got rid of all his pa's records... what the...how can you do that? I never gave up looking, but it never appeared on ebay, until last Sunday. The day that my lovely boyfriend typed 'rockabilly' on ebay, clicked on records, browsed an user and saw Be my baby baby.
I was flabbergasted, and screamed: IT'S MINE!!!!! I don't care how much I have to pay it's MINE MINE MINE!!! (sounds very materialistic) Now I just have to wait for the mail to deliver my beloved record :D

The rest of this week:
Nothing interesting, worked, went to the gym.

Got hit by car, I hit the break because traffic was moving slow. The guy behind me was tailgating so he hit the back of the car. I stepped out and so did he, but started to yell and swear at me right away. It was impossible to have a normal conversation with that ***hole, so I just told him to back off and shut his trap. The result: my blood was boiling all morning long. Fortunately my car (Wesley's actually) had some minor scratches but his had a dent and his license plate came off. Serves him right!

Work, and went to the gym.

School day! Practiced water waving and updo's!

Next time there will be a photo entry, since I haven't posted many.
Nighty night!

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