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donderdag 29 november 2012

Work in progress.

So here is another update about the house :)
I will guide you through it with pictures.
removed the lathed wall around the fireplace

bye bye wallpaper!

I decorated some shelves with self adhesive sticker paper

The master bedroom, Wesley removed all the wallpaper. It looks like a dirty pile on the floor.

Master bedroom

Meanwhile, I am re-painting the doors

Living room, almost stripped down

Removed the lathed walls in the kitchen :)

looks a lot better in my opinion

Fresh wallpaper and curtains! These beds are just there until we finished the entire room so we can get my bed from my parents' house.

Build in closet and the other door leads to the bathroom 

I will make more pictures as we proceed to make this house our happy home :)
Thank you for reading/looking!


After rain comes sunshine, so they say. Even though I am still sad in my heart I have some good news to share.
Wesley and I got the keys to our new house! So we started by removing the wallpaper in the living room. Now here's a nice piece of history for you... Back in the days when they decided to re-do their living room they just slapped the new wallpaper right on top of the old one. That leaves us now with 7 layers of wallpaper to remove!! It is a pain in the you know what to get that all off! I will keep you updated about the progress with pictures. Here are some of day 1:

As you can tell, lots of wallpaper!

more wallpaper

this side still has to be done

Wesley and the wallpaper

vintage design

work it

Wesley's brother also came to help us

The kitchen, we removed two cabinets who were placed in a dangerous spot. As in bump your head all the time.

The kitchen, very old!

woensdag 7 november 2012

I am sad :(

Hello everyone, I haven't updated in a while.
I am sad, very sad. My grandpa passed away last week.
He had a stroke on the 27th of October and could not be saved anymore. My heart is hurting with the knowledge I will never see him again. He passed away in the hospital on the 30th of October about 21:15. We had a beautiful service for him before he was taken away to be cremated. I miss him so much already :(
Dear grandpa, I will always love you and you will stay forever with me in my heart.