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dinsdag 31 mei 2011

Retrospect and what did I do last weekend.

Howdy y'all!
I've been in a country mood lately, can't explain why.
Anyhoooo.... Last weekend was fun as usual. Friday we went to visit Denise and Barry at their new home, they just moved in together. For the record: Denise is Wesley's sister.
They have a nice place, and it makes me want to move in with Wesley even more!
I'll just have to wait until I find a job in Purmerend.
Saturday I went to the hairdressing wholesale store and got me a few things.
We also went to the thrift store and I found two shawls and a blouse. All together for 5 euro's! Now that's a real bargain!
Sunday we went to rock 'n roll Hoorn, but it was very windy. Nevertheless we had a good time.
We've seen Hillbilly Boogiemen, Kieron Mc Donald and the Hayride Silvertones.

Our original plan was to also see Annita and the Starbomber, but we've missed it since all the bars were so far apart :( I really wanted to see her, because I always sing along to her music in the car :) 

This just makes me want to form a band and make music! I would love that. Oh dreams....
I do the occasional singing at a jam session, but I always get very nervous haha! 
Well tomorrow I have fiddle lessons again so that's fun :) Thursday is some sort of holy day I believe in English it's ascension day? There's a carshow and the hillbilly boogiemen will perform there too! 
Their music makes me happy, and above all they are kick ass musicians. 

Almost bedtime now, have to get up at 5:30 again so I'll turn in pretty soon.
Sleep tight! 

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