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vrijdag 6 mei 2011

Feeling hot!

Hey there!
It was mighty hot today, even now at 20:41 it's still warm.
So I wanted to show my new hair color:

Hot red! That really suites the weather today haha!
My outfit today:

I mixed modern with vintage.
Top: modern
Shrug: modern
Skirt: vintage, I got this from my boyfriend's grandma. She had no use for it anymore.

My day was kinda boring to be honest, I made an appointment with my physiotherapist since my neck is killing me! A few years ago I got hit by a car while I was riding my bike. The driver didn't see me and scooped me right of my bike and I landed in the grass with my head on the ground. That's about three years ago right now but I still suffer from the consequences.
I wanted to visit my grandparents with my momma but they weren't home.
So that was my day, like I said very boring.
Sweating and melting the day away.

To make this post a bit more interesting I want to talk about hair.
Like I told you, I am studying to become a hairdresser and I love to pass on some info on the updo's that I have created on my doll head. Now you must know something about that dolly! I am not allowed to cut off the ugly split ends, so it looks nasty and frizzy at the bottom. If I had a say in it, my scissors would have gone right through it a long time ago.  Let's start simple by telling you how to create the Hollywood Wave.
If you know how to do this, you can create many nice do's.

What you will need:
- Curling iron
- Mason Pearson or any other bristle brush since the mason is very expensive!
- Prep/ heat protection spray
- Hairspray
- Patience

If you wonder, what the heck is a Mason Pearson..??

These guys are great for untangling and make your hair look soft and shiny.
So whatever it is that you want to do whether it is straightening or curling the hair, always start at the bottom.
Just take one section at a time, otherwise everything gets tangled and you might get confused.
You can prep your hair with a heat protection spray to reduce any damage that may be caused.
Hold your iron horizontal and roll upwards. Wait a few seconds, make sure the iron is really hot!
Do not touch your freshly curled hair! Let it cool off, even when your entirely done just wait a few minutes.
*Ding!* Yay we're done! Now start brushing out your curls with the bristle brush, and again work your way up. Start with the lower section, you might need some hairspray if you have extremely long hair to hold the curl. *brush brush brush brush* When you're done brushing out, spray some hairspray, pop a flower in your hair and you're vampy kitten!

Well, I hope these instructions were easy to follow and that you will have luscious looking hair!
Next post I will tell you how to work the Hollywood Wave into an updo!

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