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woensdag 18 mei 2011

Brighton here we come!

I finally booked the ferry to Dover! Sometimes I've got so much on my mind, that I tend to forget things...well actually it happens a lot lately.

The main thing that got my brain working overtime is school and work.
Good thing is, I finally decided to post my hairdo pictures on Facebook. I think it will be a good advertisement for the work that I do. I don't like my current job, it makes me unhappy. So I have to buckle up for next Saturday, as that will be the day that I am going to apply for a job at the barbershop. Maybe some luck will come my way. I really hope so, I am sick and tired of being cussed and shouted at. My goodness Dutch folk can be darn rude about the most insignificant things. Example: Strawberries on sale. Sometimes it happens that a product runs out of stock, which is understandable if it's cheap. A woman came up to me and started like this:
W- Yeah uh I don't think you probably know anything about the fruit department, but I want strawberries and they're out of stock over there. (points into some meaningless direction)
Me- Okay, I will go and look whether we have it in stock at the back.
I went looking and asked for the strawberries but our goods still had to be delivered so no strawberries.
Me- I am sorry madam, we don't have it in stock right now. The strawberries will arrive in about an hour or so.
W- What the hell is this!! I want it now! What's the use in waiting for it...yapyapyapyap blaaaaaaaaah!!!
That's just one of the dozen examples I have of being mistreated by people.

Today work was okay, people were acting normal and I went to the Kruidvat for a Max Factor haul.
Buy one get one free! So I got myself 2 nail polishes, a lipstick, lipfinity, mascara and foundation.
Will post pics later.

Going to brush my teeth now and off to bed!
Goodnight :)

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