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dinsdag 5 maart 2013

A walk in the forest.

Last Sunday we decided to have a nice walk in the forest. Little Diablo was very excited and ran around like a headless chicken! I was there with a mission: finding the perfect magic wand for the Elf Fantasy Fair. Well actually a stick which I can decorate, but a magic wand sounds more fun. I am going to be an Ice Queen for a day :) I have been to the EFF twice but not dressed up and this year I wanted to go all out.

Wesley, Diablo and me

my little friend <3

I found one!!

Now let me tell you something more about the Elf Fantasy Fair. It's basically a giant meeting of fantasy and syfy lovers. You can choose to dress up as a character or to be just yourself. I loooooove fantasy and this is actually the first time ever I am creating a costume. I dressed up once as Xena the warrior princess when I was 11. So the fantasy loving started very early. At the EFF they have acts, workshops, music, a marketplace, gaming, food and more. But the best part is, that everything is fantasy related! Even the food has magical names, and they created special Elfia mead. Elfia is the magical place that is the EFF. I am soooooo excited to go!!! Check out their site, it is in English and in Dutch EFF LINK

I will leave you enchanted and bedazzled! 
Bye! x

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