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dinsdag 12 maart 2013

Empty products - January and February

This post is about products that I have used and that are empty. It is a popular thing on blogs and youtube so I have decided to give it a try. I will tell you about my experience with the product and if I will use it again. I will also provide you with the info about how much it cost, where to buy and the content.

1. A sample of Biosilk Cleanse volumizing shampoo
Content: 15ml
Price: free with a purchase
Where to buy: Douglas
My experience: It smells nice, it leaves my hair feeling soft and looking shiney. Not much volume though. Maybe if you use the whole range it will give your hair volume? Note: I have very thick and coarse hair!
Repurchase?: Yes, after I have finished my other shampoos. (I am hoarding that stuff)

2. Small tube of Replay Jeans Spirit! shower gel
Content: 50ml
Price: it was a gift for my birthday it came in a set with a bottle of perfume.
Where to buy: the drugstore (Kruidvat, DA, Etos etc.)
My experience: Definitly girlie and sweet!  I like the smell but more for Summer.
Repurchase?: Maybe in the Summer. I usually wear musk and oriental perfumes.

3. Benefit 'that gal' brightening face primer
Content: 11ml
Price: about €27
Where to buy: Sephora
My experience: this is my go to primer! I love it I love it I love it! A little goes a long way, this tube last me 3 months. I used it almost every day. I was ill for one week and sometimes on Sunday it is no make-up day. So maybe 2, 5 months.
Repurchase?: yes :)

4. NYC Natural Matte foundation in 001 Ivory.

Content: 30ml
Price: about €5
Where to buy: the drugstore
My experience: I have so much trouble finding the right foundation because I am so pale. Even as a make-up artist you sometimes struggle with your own complexion. We're all human after all. I have tried many different foundations from high to low end but this one works for me. It gives medium coverage and the anti-shine seems to do a great job as well, but not for 8 hours as it claims on the tube. I also always use a powder to set my make-up. But overall it is a great product for a good price.
Repurchase?: I already have, this is a picture of the new tube. Maybe next up I will try their skin matching one.

Have you used one of these products? Let me know what your experiences are!
Bye! xx

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