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maandag 11 maart 2013

EU banned animal testing for cosmetics!

Today is a happy day for all the animals that were used for testing cosmetics on. Today, the 11th of March the EU has banned animal testing for cosmetics! Put on your party hats and dancing shoes and celebrate!

Here is a cute clip from http://www.proefdiervrij.nl

In 2009 10 out the 13 tests were already banned, and today the final 3 are banned also. They were awful tests and most of the times animal died a very painful death. The final three tests that are banned are:

toxic effects on reproductive efforts: applying chemicals to determine the damage on reproductive organs and possible offspring.

sub-chronicle toxic effects: what is the long term damage to cells and organs when a chemical is repeatedly applied to skin or via the respiration system?

toxic-kinetic effects: applying toxic chemicals to a testing animal to determine the effects how the animal is processing the chemicals in the body.

I have translated this from the proefdiervrij site so excuse my terminology if it's not entirely correct.

1....2....3...... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! NO MORE!

On this page you can find which cosmetics are made in the EU and are cruelty free now:
cruelty free brands

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