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dinsdag 26 februari 2013

I am a winner!

Hello everyone!

Last week has been fun, I was chosen by Sleek make-up as one of the Valentine's contest winners. Me and 9 other lucky ladies have received a very nice red lipstick called Russian Roulette. They even included a little personal note, so sweet of them <3

 I am going to try it out and put a review up on here.
While I am on the subject of beauty, please take the time to check out my new facebook page http://www.facebook.com/RomyOverdorpMUA. I will post pictures and you can contact me there for any business inquiries. The personal stuff and reviews will always be posted here on my blog. The facebook page is in English and as well in Dutch. I thank you in advance for checking it out :)

Sooooo...last Saturday it was time to go to the 'Huishoud beurs'. My goodness is was crowded like you don't want to know! I got a little freaked out by the masses of people trying to make their way to the stand they wanted to go. I managed to get some nice freebies! Magazines (Grazia, Viva and another one which I can't remember at the moment), free coca cola, cool photo shoots with TLC, face cream by eucerin, free food tasting, free zeeman t-shirt which you had to use in a photoshoot and a few other stuff.
free cola!

As far as new stuff goes that was presented at the fair, I was kinda disappointed. Nothing really tickled my fancy except for one thing: The nivea shower body lotion. I tried it and wanted to buy a bottle but they already ran out of it!! I was so bummed, but a nice Nivea lady told me it was going to be on sale in a local drugstore called Kruidvat this week so I will still be able to get it for a reduced price. Oh my did I get spoiled by my mom and aunt as well!! My aunt bought two tubes of Therme shower gel for me, and it smells so so good! She treated my mom and I to 'poffertjes' which are basically little pancakes with butter and powdered sugar.Then my mom, she spoiled me to bits I tell you... She got me an entire new outfit <3 Grey leopard jeans, a cute cream white top with roses and a studded feaux leather jacket. There was also a disney stand where they sold so much cute stuff. My mom got me a princess mug <3
me and my mug

At the Milka chocolate stand they had a deal going on with some new products a bag filled with 4 different items for 3 euro's. She got me that as well. She also got me crisps with cream cheese. yum yum! I treated myself to a new necklace and nivea shower gel and hairspray. It was a fun but tiresome day. Next year we won't go in the weekend, it is just waaaaay to busy.

Goodnight! X

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