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donderdag 7 februari 2013

Living room update!

Hi guys, it's been a while since we had no internet for about 2,5 months. I promised to keep you updated on the progress of our new house.
You remember the mess it was?
Here is a little picture update for you:

After we removed all the wallpaper we had to prime the walls for the plaster. That's the yellow stuff you see, kinda like when you're applying make-up. First get the base right before you proceed :P

Look at the difference! It's a nice clean wall now!

Random cute picture of Diablo :)

Applying some color...

Our lovely neighbor helped out with the paintwork and he also offered to place the floor! I was so flabbergasted that I forgot to take pictures of the end result when there was no furniture yet.

So are you ready for the transformation?.....



How about that, huh? :D

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  1. ja klasse hoor!!heb het natuurlijk ook met eigen ogen gezien echt supermooi!!