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zaterdag 31 augustus 2013

Poison Ivy costume work-log

Costumes are great fun, and this time I have decided to create the deadly Poison Ivy costume. The last time I dressed up was at Elf Fantasy. (click to see) The Poison Ivy for my inspiration is the Bruce Timm version. I am not going to make it exactly the same, but with my own twist to it.
So let's get started! I purchased a red wig and green gloves. It was really cheap, and maybe one day I will buy a better quality wig since this one isn't very dense.
I brushed the wig with a light hand, you can't just yank through it otherwise you will ruin it. After all the loose hair and knots were removed I curled the hair in a pin curl set. Not just the standard size, but big, voluminous rolls for I want to create a lot of volume since the wig itself is as flat as a pancake. I set the wig aside so it can set for a couple of weeks until I need to use it. I still have my male model head from hairdresser's school so I placed it on him :P

The gloves themselves have a perfect color so no need to change that. I got a strand of fake ivy and cut off some leafs. I sewed them on the gloves by hand, it was fairly easy to do. You have to make sure to keep the material stretched because if you sew them on too tight the spandex can't stretch anymore. The next things I need are: a dark green leotard, a pair of light green tights and dark green boots. When I got those I will post the next work-log. Thank you for reading!

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