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maandag 26 augustus 2013

Spicing up the blog.

It has been quite a while (again) but this time I wanted to change the blog a bit. Since I don't want to force myself to only write about the Golden Era I changed the blog title to geek 'n chic. I love the Golden Era, but I also love modern stuff and comics, superheroes, beauty, movies, music etc. That is why I have changed the name. The link will stay the same though.

I have ordered some stuff from Archonia so a 'show and tell' will be coming up very soon! We also made some progress on the remodeling of our house so that is another post that will be coming up. Is there anything you guys want to see or read about? Maybe my superhero collection, or movie talk? Please do let me know. I'd love to hear about your opinions :)

Keep your eyes peeled on this page and thank you for reading! X

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