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woensdag 11 september 2013

Re-vamping the ice queen dress

Since I am all in the costuming mode, I have decided to re-vamp the ice queen dress. It was just a plain dress which I bought online, and since it was my first time dressing up at EFF I wasn't sure what to do. So I took out my scissors, hot-fix stones, thread, needles etc and started the make-over.

First I wanted to make a split down the side, because it was kinda hard to walk in such a tight fit. I cut the dress open on the seam, and pinned it into place. After that was done I sew new seams. Yes, it is done by hand since my machine is still at my parent's house. This won't be a problem because I want to decorate the edges anyway.

I don't have the desired decoration yet, so I moved on to the hot-fix stones. Basically they are little studs with 'dry' glue on the back. Once you heat it with your hot-fix tool the glue starts to activate and it takes just 3 seconds. The stud is now on and it is pretty sturdy! I decorated the 'flowy' bit on the side of the dress with dark blue studs. On the skirt part I made snowflake patterns from an example of the internet.

The white gloves got embellished as well, with some nice iridescent studs.

I am planning to make a cape to go with the dress. I remember it was kinda chilly and a coat is not an option when you're in costume. I will keep you posted on this project. It is so much fun to do!

As always thanks for reading!

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