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zaterdag 25 februari 2012

It's been a while...

I have been busy, and I am sorry for the huge delay!
Let's start with the England pictures.

Holiday 2011.

We went by ferry from Calais to Dover, and we brought our own car...our 1951 GMC pickup truck.

On our way to Brighton we passed by this vintage shop which unfortunately was closed :( Look at those shoes!! *drool* Wesley made a video with his phone so I can drool some more, and maybe one day I'll return there.

Yay Brighton! We went to some thrift stores there, love it!

Oh and this shop went for some serious advertising, look at those sewing machines pretty neat huh :)

We also paid a visit to the museum Yesterday's World in Battle:
(afterwards we had tea and scones mmmm)

 Chapel down vineyard:

Some random pictures, I've got more pictures but I picked just a few to show you.
( I am not blonde anymore though)

Last but not least, the white cliffs of Dover ;)

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