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dinsdag 28 februari 2012

When things aren't what you expected...

There are a few things that have happened since I announced the news about kinki.
I have moved in with my boyfriend and we are living together now for 5 months.
We are happy, and even got a little dog.

It's a pure bred Chihuahua and we named him Diablo. Big name for a small dog, haha!

My work at the salon is not what I imagined. Instead of cutting I have to clean the entire day, and if I'm lucky I can dye a customer's hair. We get training once a week, but I don't get to do anything else than cutting long hair. It's such a pity since I know a lot more than that. Actually it's frustrating! I am 24 years old, and doing easy chores. This is not what I expected at all. I get that everyone needs training, but not the same thing for 4 months over and over again. After such a training I get comments like: ' yeah you did a great job'. When I ask if I get to cut men's hair any time soon they say: 'No, you have to get the basics of long hair first'. Like how many times does it take? I have my diploma, it's not that I got for doing nothing. Anyway, you get my point.

Another unfortunate thing is that I slipped and fell on the street a couple of weeks ago. I had to be picked up by ambulance to get me to the first aid. I spent over 3 hours there but nothing seemed to be broken. My knee hurt really bad, so there might be something ripped inside. They gave me crotches and I had to rest. A week later I had to return to the hospital for a check up. The doctor told me to take it easy for 4 weeks and then I have to come back again. Well I can tell you, it's not looking good. I can't go up or down the stairs normally. If I put weight on my left leg it hurts like a you know what. Even when I sit on a chair or whatever and I want to get up and shift my weight the wrong way, the same thing happens. So now I have to wait to March 13th to get my second check up.

So that my rant for now!

I will leave you with some music, thanks for reading!

Starlight starbright - Nan Castle

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