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dinsdag 6 september 2011

Good news!

I am hired at the salon. Whoohooooo!
I'm so happy! Finally I get to do what I love the most, making people happy and beautiful :)

Here I am at work...still all nervous but smiling.
So excited and curious about what I'm going to learn from the kinki team.

Now I still have a lot of photos in store for you, so I'll start of with some pics of the Brian Setzer gig I went to with Wesley. It was amazing, I stood in front and he even gave me his plectrum :D He played with the rockabilly riot. So now I have seen him in all set-ups. Stray Cats, Orchestra and Rockabilly riot!
Too bad he didn't do a singing session.

Next post will contain photos I made during my stay in England.
Goodnight y'all!

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