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donderdag 1 september 2011

As promised.

A lot of things have happened in my life recently.
The most important one, is that I have quit my job at the supermarket.
This means that I am going to move in with my boyfriend! Also, I have a shot to
prove myself at the kinki hairdressing salon. (www.kinki.nl)

I have improved my hairdressing skills, and I am a lot faster with haircuts since I finished school.

Of course we went to England! Brighton certainly has changed over the years, and it's busier with tourists than ever. But it was nice to come back there. I just love the seaside. We visited a lot of vintage shops as well, but a lot of it was more 80's style. We also payed a visit to Yesterday's world at Battle. It is a museum where they have recreated the life of the past from 1900's till the 1970's.
Picture post will come soon. Another exciting thing we did was going to a village fest in Iden. You must believe that the Brits are the nicest people you have ever met! They don't care how you look and what or who you are, they are always in for a nice chat. No judging, no rudeness, just polite and civil.
So we spent an entire day at the fest, and there also was a flea market. I got myself some 1940's magazines, a 1950's travel alarm, a 1950's can opener and a Vince Ray shirt. Wesley and I split up at the market to be sure we would be the first if we have spotted anything we would like. He came back with a present for me: a 1930's men's razor! in perfect condition and intact. Isn't he the sweetest man on earth?

Now I must tell you a story about the magazines. I bought them from a middle aged woman, who didn't seem to care much about the items. While I was browsing around, I found the alarm clock from the 50's which was sold by an elderly woman. The second time I came back with Wesley and he spotted the can opener. I told the woman we love 40' and 50's stuff and I showed her the magazines I bought. She looked at them and said: ' Ah! I remember those, I still have them at home. I have a great idea, write down your address and I'll send them to you.' I was so surprised and excited, she didn't even want money for it. So 1 week later a package arrived with a lot of 40's movie magazines inside! Such a sweet lady! It is too bad she didn't write her address on a note or the package, because I would like to thank her personally.

I have so much to tell, but it would not make sense in one big post.
I am also planning to post new hair tutorials, so stay blogged!

Till' we meet again!

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