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maandag 8 april 2013

Empty products - March

It's April now! Geeeez time just flies by! Here are a few empty products that I used up:

1. Schwarzkopf gliss hair repair shampoo.
Content: 300ml
Price: €1,89
Where to buy: Action, that is where I got it this cheap.
My experience: To be honest....it smells awful! It has a chemical smell which is kinda nauseating. 
I used it together with the conditioner but did not notice any difference with other shampoos.

2. Dove original deoderant
Content: 150 ml
Price: € 2,90 but I buy them in bulk when they're on sale.
Where to buy: drugstore, supermarket
My experience: This is my got to deodorant. Other ones don't work for me. 

3. Nivea powerfruit relax showergel
Content: 250 ml
Price: € 2,42 I got a deal 3 for €6
Where to buy: drugstore
My experience: A nice fruity shower gel. Nothing special, smells very nice.

4. Kruidvat colour care hair mask
Content: 250 ml
Price: € 1,49
Where to buy: Kruidvat
My experience: Smells nice and leaves my hair feeling soft. I believe it doesn't protect colour but it does a nice job at making your hair soft and shiny. Unfortunately it has the entire paraben family in the ingredients. I am going to look for a more organic hair mask.

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