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dinsdag 23 april 2013

Elf Fantasy 20-04-2013

Hi everyone! We had such an amazing time at the EFF! So many beautiful costumes it was mind blowing. I also had quite success with my costume, there were so many pictures taken I felt like a rockstar ^^

Here are a few:

Here you can see the 'photo bombing'

Picture by: Monique van den Broek

Picture by: Alexander Koopmans

There were workshops, battles, market stalls, food, music, writers, lectures and lots more!

A few pictures of the battle of the knights. 

I can't wait 'till next time! Thinking about the next costume already. Any suggestions?

Bye, thanks for reading!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I think you're on loldutchpeople.nl! http://loldutchpeople.nl/post/49869817559

    1. Tnx for the warning. What kind of site is that? Making fun of people?

    2. I think it is, in a light-hearted way. I think if you send them a message they'll delete it if you want, though!
      Nice costume, especially the wand :)

    3. Oh well let them have fun :P Thank you, I made it myself ^^