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dinsdag 23 oktober 2012

What is going on?

Hello everyone, I am sorry I haven't updated my blog for ages.
A lot of things have happened, and unfortunately not all of those things are good.
I don't want to focus on all the bad stuff but one thing that is still bothering me is my knee. I've had the operation in March, had to go to the physiotherapist and all of the sudden I was sent home with the message that they couldn't help me anymore. I had to 'recover' on my own strength. I was relieved but also a bit suspicious about it. After a while my knee started to hurt really bad, like every day. It was the same sort of pain I had when I just had the operation. I made a call to the hospital to get a check-up. The surgeon told me that I am very unstable   and I have to go and see a new physiotherapist. He also told me that things don't improve I have to get a second operation. So here I am still hanging in there with no improvement since March. Now I have to go to the new therapist 2 times per week and the treatment is quite intense. But it is all for a good cause!

A nice thing that has happened is that my grandma and grandpa had their 60th wedding anniversary! We had a nice day planned for them, with cake and dinner at a fancy restaurant. Even the mayor came to pay a visit, she gave them flowers and a pen drawing of a scene from their town. I am still waiting for pictures, but I have one for you right now.

My outfit of that day:
Top and skirt are from Pinup Couture and I bought those via topvintage
Excuse the clutter in the picture.

Other nice things that have happened are actually shopping related, haha! I haven't told you this yet but I am a comic collector. Especially Wonder Woman and Batman related stuff. I think that I am going to do a separate post about my recent purchases, as some sort of 'collective haul'. 

That's it for the update for now. I will be posting more often since I do want to review stuff and passing on my findings to others.

Night night everyone!

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