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donderdag 8 maart 2012

Oh darn it!

I had my second check-up a little earlier, since there are no improvements developing regarding the knee issue. The doctor said that he has to operate, and I kind of expected that already. So I had to fill out a form with 47 questions about my current health, and had my blood pressure checked. They also wanted to draw some blood for testing, since I have problems with my thyroid. (it is working a little too fast) So in the last two days I spent a total of nearly three hours in hospital.
Now I have to wait for the moment that they will call with the date of the operation.

Oh, and remember my complaint about my work? My boss called me and said she didn't want to offer me a new contract. I am not surprised at all, and actually very relieved to be honest. So now I am back to square one without a job. Maybe I'll try once more at the barber shop....

This was my update for now, I'll try to find a nice subject to write about for my next post. What do you guys want to read about? Please let me know, I appreciate any input.

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